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The Vermont VOAD is a forum where organizations share knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle—preparation, response and recovery—to help disaster survivors and their communities.



Members of the Vermont VOAD form a coalition of nonprofit organizations that respond to disasters as part of their overall mission.



VT VOAD Vendor Spotlight

Aaron Titus, creator of Crisis Cleanup, attended our quarterly meeting with updates to the program as well as news about a new program; Crisis Caller.  Crisis Cleanup is arguably the most widely used platform for coordinating disaster relief efforts across the United States.  Crisis Cleanup is considered "shareware" and is free for verified users to work collaboratively to address disaster response and recovery.  Although it is more effective on large-scale incidents, Crisis Cleanup is still effective in use of rural, smaller-scale events.

Aaron also shared information regarding Crisis Caller, an automated phone system that can manage self-reported damage intake information as well as push calls out to numbers entered into the system.  This platform would also be open and free for use by verified users, but Aaron needs funding to expand the current program for wider use and distribution.  VT VOAD members discussed their individual organizational capacity to support expansion of Crisis Caller.

Aaron recently published a book, "How to Prepare for Anything" and offered to conduct a workshop to share the information.  VT VOAD will consider sponsoring this event.

VT VOAD would like to thank Aaron Titus for joining our meeting.  We appreciate his time and efforts in creating and maintaining Crisis Cleanp and his efforts in creating Crisis Caller.  


Next Vendor Spotlight: Techsoup will attend our next quarterly meeting in August to share their programs for non profits.  We will also hear about their newest venture into creating effective software for disaster recovery efforts.



Vermont VOAD meets bimonthly on the second Wendesday to discuss recent events and to learn more about our capacity as individual members and as a whole.
Please contact us for further information about our meetings.  





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